Personnel lock P 6150 - Controlled access

This P 6050 personnel airlock ensures controlled access to areas exposed to constant danger.

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Personnel lock P 6150

This round personal interlock ensures controlled and secure access to judicial buildings, security firms, data centres and industrial companies. This elegant personal interlock is used above all in entrance areas where great value is placed on the interplay of design and security. Also worthy of mention are the generously dimensioned interior for comfortable passage and the large glass panels, which give the interlock a very transparent appearance. For access to high-security areas such as prisons or court entrances or other sensitive building sections, the fully automatic lock can be equipped with a metal detector on request to prevent metal objects such as knives or weapons from being smuggled in.

Properties personnel lock P 6150

  • Example: Court entrances, visitors' entrances to prisons, police stations, security companies, jewellers, banks.
  • Installation: Interior and protected exterior in masonry, façades or partition wall systems.
  • External dimensions: W x H = 1,500 x 2,350 mm
  • Optional: with metal detector to prevent metal objects, such as knives or weapons, from being smuggled in.